Canoe tours

Silence & well-being

Enjoy your own presence by the moment of silence.

When you can turn your phone in silent mode or turn it off completely and stay alone with nature. Our spa area is a forest, lakes and rivers of Kanta-Häme region, where it doesn’t matter whether you come to relax alone or with your family for a short weekend, that much more better, than one long vacation.

We offer river activities such as canoe tours along local rivers in Janakkala, Räikälänjoki or Puujoki!

What is canoeing?

Canoe – this is almost the same as kayak, a narrow, light and a maneuverable boat, for a single use or for two. Canoe is driven by a one-bladed paddle. Our canoes are made of plastic, and are certified as tourist boats. It’s comfortable to sit in canoe and a lot of space for feet. And it’s cosy to spend a long period as well.

The canoe instructor speaks English, teaches paddling skills , corrects your mistakes, and she is also responsible for others’ safety.

Can canoe tip over or not?

Canoes don’t roll over by themselves. Due to wrong steps or if you don’t listen to your instructor, you may flip the canoe over. But, even if you flipped over – there’s no panic, you will have a life vest, and to get back is quite easy.

How much time does the tour take?

The tour takes about 2 hours, it depends on the group’s fitness and on wheather conditions.

Our inatructor is an experienced paddling guide trainer, touring equipment developer and tester. She has competence in various outdoor activities.

What kind of load will it be? Do I need a special preparation for canoeing?

People with a basic physycal training cope perfectly well, in other words, a specific training isn’t required. Learning to hold the canoe paddle is easy, it doesn’t demand much efforts for novice or inexperienced paddlers.

The list of things you should note for canoeing:

  • Don’t wear cotton clothes! It absorbs water and stays wet, making for a cold and uncomfortable day on the water. Even if you never flip your kayak, you will get wet from splash, spray and drips. Instead of cotton, wear synthetic materials such as polyester, fleece or Gore-Tex. This means you shouldn’t show up for your kayak trip in jeans and a cotton T-shirt, unless you like being cold and wet.
  • Sunglasses if it’s sunny
  • Hat or a beanie to protect your head
  • Camera
  • A water bottle (not less than 1.5 l per person)
  • Snack (if you wish)

What is the difference between rent canoe and the canoe tour?

It is reasonable to think that you will be able to move on to canoe and you have a definite experience. You know the rules of navigation and maneuvering of small vessels, and the effectiveness of the offensive conditions. In addition to you, you take upon yourself to repulse the security of your bodywork, personal health, and the harm of third parties, if this damage was caused by your own body and your health unit.


In this case, the safety of the participants and the safety of the connection is equivalent to the instructor, who is in charge of the equipment. He knows the safeguards of the field, and he has no connection with the emergency catcher for evacuation and the emergency gear. The instrument has a first-aid kit and an alarm system for salvation. Apart from that, the instructor knows many living finely minded places that you are living with. Included in the price of the vehicle are impermeable loudspeakers for photographic and mobile phones and on the spot.

The price includes paddles, life jackets and an instructor.

Canoe trips are available all summer long upon request.

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