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Tampere Wine Festival, 2019 April.

Finland won’t be called a winemaking country in the classical way. But, meanwhile, wine festivals are held throughout the country.
Tampere wine festival was held last weekend, 12-13.04.
The festival organizer, Timo Jokinen, has been winexpert and dealer for over 30 years.

More than 300 types of wine from 10 countries were represented at the festival, including Finland. You’ve bought a ticket in advance, for 12 €, it’s a bit cheaper and you could taste wines of the most famous and popular Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian brands.
Glasses for rent cost 10 €, and 7é you’ll get, returning the glass back.

Different cheese styles for wine pairing were put to the test. Visitors could relax in beautifully decorated wine corners and enjoy the wine without haste

Bulgarian wine tasting experience in the festival.

Bulgaria is a country with a great wine history. Currently, Bulgarian wines are supplied to more than 70 countries of the world.

At wine tasting were introduced 6 types of Bulgarian wine. Two of which are white, the rest are red. It’s said, that the Bulgarian red wine is better than white. As you know, every man to his own taste..
A rather unusual Orange wine made from white grapes. It’s a “skin-contact wine” opens you up to a world of colours, flavors and screams spring in every way.

For lovers of dry red wine an ancient grape variety Mavrud from Southern Bulgaria. Mavrud wine have deep ruby color and delicate blackberry, raspberry, sweet cherry taste.

Bulgarian wine evenings are held mainly in Helsinki region with under the guidance of a professional. It is possible to order both a master class and wine tasting in combination with dishes. Events in Russian, English, Finnish languages.

Great opportunity to combine two destinations in one holiday!