HavsHotel, Utö

Feel yourself islander!

If you like active and informative recreation time, sea cruise in the Baltic sea is the right choice for you. We invite you to visit one of the Aland islands – Utö, heart of the Baltic sea. Archipelago consists of 6500 islands, which attracts plenty of tourists by the diversity and fullness of beautiful nature, available of modern comfort.

Utö is small, quiet, great for walking and the most southern island in Finnish archipelago. The number of permanent residents on Utö island is 40 people. The island was chosen as the most beautiful Finnish village in 2017.

During the summer, life in Utö is very lively and main pier is filled with tourist sailing and motor boats. The main attraction on the island is amazing and old lighthouse with special curiosity with small church housed on the third floor.

Hint: If you are a lighthouse buff and need a very special place to get married, it does not get much better than this!

Accommodation is organized all year around. There is a new marina with special HavsHotel in the harbor lagoon.

We offer travel packages for individual travelers and also for groups: bus + ferry to Utö island


  • accommodation
  • breakfast
  • taxi transportation (max 12 passengers)
  • rent rawboats
  • seal safari

We reach the island of Utö by ferry for about 4 hours on the way, where you can enjoy magnificent views of Nordic nature. Travel by ferry is free, there is a restaurant where you can buy something to snack, drink hot, aromatic tea / coffee.

You will be greeted by friendly staff upon your arrival to the hotel, that speaks English and Russian as well.

There are two saunas on the sea coast in the hotel, where you run out swimming straight into the sea.

Guided tours of the lighthouse are conducted by local guides in English, Swedish and Finnish.

The island was also chosen by divers, bird watchers, surfers, and kayaking enthusiasts.

If you miss Nordic sea voyages, silence and peace, then we invite you to visit the island of Utö!

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